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The newest addition to the Lincoln Center campus. (JON BJORNSON/The Observer)

Ram Statue Rides Onto Lincoln Center

September 28, 2017

After years of rumors and ram-fueled intercampus jealousy, the Lincoln Center campus has achieved what...

Artist JR pastes the photographs for his Inside Out Project on the wall of Fordham College at Lincoln Center. Students and non-students line up to get their photo taken and watch JR at work on March 25, 2014. (Sri Stewart/The Observer)

Graffiti Artist JR Brings INSIDE OUT to Fordham

March 29, 2015

By RAMONA VENTURANZA Arts & Culture Editor Published: March 29, 2015 It’s not everyday tha...

Marla Olmstead: Jackson Pollock, Jr.?

May 29, 2011

By Stephanie Wallace Contirbuting Writer Published: October 25, 2007 Marla Olmstead was a four-year-old girl who could sell a painting for $20,000, and then she turned five and the bubble burst. Hers is a complicated story that tested the definitions of abstract art and what it means to be an artist. Amir ...