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Students left copies of the open letter under Fordham's vice president's office door. (LENA ROSE/THE OBSERVER)

Gray Breaks University Silence on TGNCI Rights

December 6, 2018

On Wednesday, Nov. 28, Senior Vice President of Student Affairs Jeffrey Gray sent an email to a short list of club leaders and faculty assuring the students that Fordham University believes “transgender rights are human rights.”

In the wake of President Trump's leaked memo that redefines the term “sex,” Fordham undergraduate and law school activist groups penned an open letter addressed to the Fordham community on Thursday, Oct. 25. (COURTESY OF KRISTEN GIAIMO)

Fordham Allies Demand Improved Rights for Transgender Students

October 25, 2018

On Sunday, Oct. 21, the New York Times leaked a memo from President Donald Trump’s administration outlining a new initiative that would redefine the term “sex,” effectively delegitimizing...

David Neiwart, author of Alt-America: the Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump, explained that the kek flag is an edited version of a Nazi battle flag from 1930s Germany, saying “the design of the flag [is] a Nazi war flag with a kek symbol in the middle and painted green.” Some students in the photo have described the flag as a joke. (KEVIN MARKS VIA WIKIPEDIA)

Kekistan Flag Photo Sparks Online War

March 14, 2018

By ELIZA PUTNAM Staff Writer A widely circulated photo of Fordham students brandishing a flag associate...

Student protester Sapphira Lurie, FCLC '17, is blocked from entering a door by Public Safety supervisors at Cunniffe House at Fordham Rose Hill. (GEORGE HORIHAN/The Observer)

UPDATED: Investigation of Cunniffe House Incident Finds No Evidence of Excessive Force

June 15, 2017

An independent investigation of an April 27 incident involving a confrontation between student protesters and Public Safety Officers (PSOs) found that the Public...

On Jan. 20, students protested the university's decision to deny Students for Justice in Palestine official club status. (PHOTO BY STEPHAN KOZUB/THE OBSERVER)

FIRE, NCAC Call SJP Veto “Flatly Inappropriate” in Letter to Administration

February 25, 2017

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) and the National Coalition Against Censorship ...

Sapphira Lurie, left, at a protest of the travel ban in January. Elizabeth Landry/The Observer

Admin Firm on SJP After Disciplinary Charges Draw Ire

February 24, 2017

By ELIZABETH LANDRY Asst. News Co-Editor The university has charged a Students for Justice in P...

Students for Justice in Palestine's protest outside Fordham Lincoln Center on Jan. 23. (PHOTO BY STEPHAN KOZUB/THE OBSERVER)

Fordham Stands by SJP Veto Amid Criticism

January 28, 2017

Fordham is standing by Dean of Students Keith Eldredge’s Dec. 22 decision to deny a prospective St...