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Graphic illustration of an eye being scanned

Digital IDs, the Miracle Cure for a Lockdown Exit Strategy?

April 29, 2020

With the world arguing over potential exit strategies, slowly but surely digital identity solutions find their way into the debate in regard to immunity verifications.

The fight for identity celebration concerns us all. (TED EYTAN VIA FLICKR)

It’s Never Been About Bathrooms

February 28, 2018

Until two years ago, transgender and gender non-conforming (trans/gnc) identities were inextricably li...

The Complexity of the Asian-American Identity

November 4, 2016

SABRINA JEN Layout Co-Editor When I first saw the New York Times article titled, “An Open Lette...


Sehnsucht; i am

February 3, 2016

By KAY D'ANGELO Asst. Literary Co-Editor Sehnsucht I can’t be content with an eternal perch,...

Lavendar, Joanne's favorite flower. (PHOTO VIA FLICKR)

A Love Letter to Joanne

December 1, 2015

By JESSICA VITOVITCH Literary Co-editor I love my mother’s cousin Joanne. Like the majority of ...