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Students left copies of the open letter under Fordham's vice president's office door. (LENA ROSE/THE OBSERVER)

Gray Breaks University Silence on TGNCI Rights

December 6, 2018

On Wednesday, Nov. 28, Senior Vice President of Student Affairs Jeffrey Gray sent an email to a short list of club leaders and faculty assuring the students that Fordham University believes “transgender rights are human rights.”

Mariam Wahba, the sole attendant of the Witt/Kieffer student information session in the search for a new dean of FCLC. (CARMEN BORCA-CARRILLO/THE OBSERVER)

Search for Dean Lacks Student Support

December 6, 2018

Despite attempts to include community voices in the decision, the search’s current state of affairs shows little promise for further student involvement.

Frank Simio: A Baptism Under Fire

Frank Simio: A Baptism Under Fire

November 14, 2018

After 18 years of service at Fordham University, Frank Simio was appointed to the position of vice president...

Student workers like Michelle Osipova felt belittled by the policy. (ANNE WANG/THE OBSERVER)

University Raises Minimum Wage, Students Remain Uneasy

November 14, 2018

On Oct. 29, Fordham University released a statement officially raising student workers’ minimum wage to the $15 mandated by Gov. Andrew Cuomo for the state of New York.

Fordham Excludes Itself from Paying Student Workers Minimum Wage in 2019


October 24, 2018

On Sept. 25, 2018, Fordham administrators received an email stating the university will not pay student workers minimum wage next semester. Fordham will instead continue to pay student workers at most $13 per hour, excluding itself from Governor Andrew Cuomo’s legislation to raise the New York minimum wage to $15 per hour st...

United Student Government aims to engage students and generate inter-club connections this year. (CARLA DE MIRANDA/THE OBSERVER)

USG Aims for Inclusivity, Engagement, Communication in 2018

October 10, 2018

When the spring 2018 semester came to an end, United Student Government at Lincoln Center (USG) had thr...

University President Rev. Joseph M. McShane addressed the question of

Fordham Receives “Mixed” Rankings

September 26, 2018

“I am writing to report that it has been a mixed week for Fordham in the rankings,” began a Sept. ...

Freedman was appointed as provost, a newly-created position, in 2010. (COURTESY OF FORDHAM NEWS AND MEDIA RELATIONS)

Provost Search Picks Up Momentum, Seeks Community Support

September 26, 2018

In early September, Fordham University embarked on one of its most pressing tasks for the upcoming year: th...

Freshmen in a nine-person suite cook dinner in close quarters. (Matt LaBarbera/The Observer)

Influx of Freshmen Forces Triples in McMahon

September 12, 2018

The safari-themed doors of McMahon Hall’s second and fifth floors are teeming with fern leaves and pi...

Peat, a new face at Fordham, extends a welcome to all of campus. (COLIN SHEELEY/THE OBSERVER)

Fordham Welcomes New Title IX Coordinator

September 12, 2018

“Good,” “better,” “best.” These were the words Kareem Peat, Fordham University’s new Titl...

The Title IX process requires university councils to remain impartial in divisive cases: In Fabricant’s case, it left her emotionally isolated. (LENA ROSE/THE OBSERVER | GRAPHIC ILLUSTRATION BY SABRINA JEN)

Title IX Proceedings Leave Student Unsupported

August 23, 2018

“If I wasn’t this strong of a woman, I would have folded by now,” Madeline Fabricant wrote in an ...

The newly renovated Ram Café offers new menu items and stations for students. (LENA ROSE/THE OBSERVER)

Ram Café Renovated For Fall 2018

August 23, 2018

Fordham Dining Services will welcome students back this year with a newly renovated Ram Café. The popula...