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When the race was canceled in 2019, Pang had already arrived in Svalbard and experienced training in conditions similar to what can be expected in the race.

Another Year of Bad News for the North Pole Marathon

April 7, 2020

The North Pole Marathon faced cancellation for the second year in a row, this time over concerns about the coronavirus. Jonathan Pang, Fordham College at Lincoln Center ’20, who was set to race in 2019 and then prepared to make it up after cancellation this April, is hoping for redemption in 2021.

To train, Pang ran in subzero temperatures above the Arctic Circle.

North Pole Marathon Frozen by Political Conflict

April 30, 2019

Last month, Jonathan Pang, Fordham College at Lincoln Center ’19, traveled to the arctic to compete in the North Pole Marathon. Unfortunately, due to political conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the race was cancelled. Pang is excited to return to the race next year.