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an SAT test practice book displaying graph problems

Fordham Goes Test-Optional Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

June 6, 2020

After the coronavirus outbreak, many ACT and SAT exams were canceled, leading Fordham to go test-optional for the next two years.

Albeit with good intent, curriculum standardization and administrative bloat have jeopardized the success of students in the public education system.

Fixing America’s Public Education: A Complex Solution

April 30, 2019

Between an ever-tightening federal grasp over local authority, alongside the ballooning of a bureaucratic administration, it seems that we’re forgetting the most fundamental part of school: children.

Gordon Caplan (left), and Dean Matthew Diller (right), wait at JFK international airport with Fahimeh (Farimah) Kashkooli (Center) and Fordham Law students for the arrival of Alma Kashkooli.

Fordham Alum Accused in Nationwide Admissions Scandal

March 27, 2019

Gordon Caplan, a well-respected alumnus from Fordham University School of Law ’91, is one parent who allegedly engaged in the nationwide conspiracy.