The Student Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center

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The Student Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center

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The Student Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center

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YMCA Memberships Are A Good Option for Lincoln Center Students

May 5, 2014

It's no secret that Fordham College Lincoln Center (FCLC) is smaller than Rose Hill in many ways, and that includes our gym—if it can even be called that. While the McMahon fitness center is still very...

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Professional Sports Organizations Must Take a Stand Against Homophobia

February 26, 2014

Homophobia is a problem that has been plaguing professional sports for years now, and many have wondered who would break the chain of closeted athletes. On Feb. 9, former University of Missouri football...

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Macklemore’s Marriage Stunt Was A Hollow Gesture

February 8, 2014

During the 2014 Grammy Awards, Macklemore decided to make a statement during a performance by staging a wedding ceremony during which music and film star Queen Latifah married 33 couples, many of them...

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At The Moment, College is Hardly Worth It

February 4, 2014

Imagine being paid not to go to college: it may sound strange, but for some people, it’s a reality. PayPal founder Peter Thiel gave 24 entrepreneurs a hefty sum of $100,000 to drop out or skip it...

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Bitcoins Aren’t All That Worth It

January 27, 2014

New York is a hub of progress, so we shouldn't be surprised to hear that “bitcoin” ATMs are now beginning to make their way into the big city. Not many people know what bitcoins really are though....

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