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Nicholas Scotchie, Fordham College at Lincoln Center ’24, is a staff writer for the opinions section at The Observer. His articles largely focus on providing commentary on American Catholicism and how it impacts and intertwines with American politics on the national level. He is currently looking into majoring in economics. Other academic interests of his include theology, especially Catholic social teaching. A native New Yorker, when not doing schoolwork or writing for The Observer, other interests of his include reading, following New York area sports, especially the often hapless New York Mets and Giants, and trying to avoid spiritual desolation. 

a purple and blue neon flag, with prominent U.S. catholics and Christian symbols

Christianity Shouldn’t Be a Political Vehicle

July 8, 2021
Politicians must stop using Christianity merely for political opportunism and actually advocate to improve the lives of God's children.
sealed cases and papers on a table atop blue carpeting, to accompany an article comparing the american republic and the weimar republic

The Collapse of American Democracy Will Mirror the Weimar Republic

January 25, 2021
Without drastic reforms that address both the present dangers and their underlying causes, the American republic may be compromised for years to come.
statue of st martin de porres to commemorate Black Catholic History Month

Black Catholic History Month Should Be More Widely Recognized

November 22, 2020
Black Catholic History Month allows Catholics and non-Catholics alike to recognize the Black community's importance to the faith.
Amy Coney Barrett standing at a podium addressing a crowd on the lawn in front of the White House with American flags behind her and Donald Trump standing to her right

Amy Coney Barrett Is Not an Ideal Christian Jurist

October 21, 2020
Amy Coney Barrett is only using the veneer of Christianity to hide deeply un-Christian politics and a conservative agenda for the Supreme Court.
Frank Pavone

Trump Creates a Schism in the Catholic Church

September 15, 2020
This election has and will continue to deepen fissures across American society, and Catholics will not be left unscathed.
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