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CATE GALLIFORD, Retrospect Host

Cate Galliford, Fordham College at Lincoln Center ’22, is one of the co-hosts for The Observer’s Retrospect podcast. She is majoring in political science and likes to spend her free time on Twitter or listening to a variety of podcasts, though Retrospect is obviously her favorite.

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The New York City AIDS Memorial in Greenwich Village is a testament to the lives lost during the AIDS epidemic.

The FDA’s Refusal to Allow Gay Men to Donate Blood is Blood-Boiling

October 30, 2019
As blood screening technology and medical treatments for HIV/AIDS continue to improve, the already shaky scientific foundation supporting the FDA regulation grows increasingly less convincing.
Eat, Pray, Cry: The New York Grocery Shopping Experience

Eat, Pray, Cry: The New York Grocery Shopping Experience

September 17, 2019
Although its distance is daunting, the siren call of Trader Joe’s affordable products leaves me with no choice but to make the trek up to 72nd Street.