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AREEG ABDELHAMID, Opinions Editor Emerita

Muslim communities would be far better off if more attention was paid to mental health issues. (PHOTO COURTESY OF MARYAM SHOUBIR)

Muslim Communities Must Address Mental Health

May 8, 2016
In this sensitive time, our masjids are told to focus on finding “radicalized” youth. But it is even more important to acknowledge that our communities need to create safe spaces, without the FBI and without cultural baggage.
Cameraman Baher Mohamed, left, and Mohamed Fadel Fahmy, the Cairo bureau chief for al Jazeera English, look at reporters sitting behind them Monday, March 31, 2014, as Judge Mohamed Nagy listens to the defendants complaints about the conditions they are being held in. Three Al Jazeera journalists, including Australian Peter Greste (not pictured) are standing trial on terror charges. (PHOTO COURTESY OF AMINA ISMAIL/ TNS)

Our Silence is Facilitating Oppression in Egypt

September 9, 2015
There doesn’t seem to be any room for journalists who actually want to do their jobs, and their lives are placed in danger because the government fears their existence.
Rescue helicopters fly over the French Alps after the crash of Airbus A320. (PHOTO COURTESY ULIEN TACK/ ABACA PRESS VIA TNS)

Who Gets To Be a Terrorist?

April 15, 2015
Our definition of “terrorist” is unclear.
New Yorker prays in Central Park. (Mariam Moustafa/ The Observer)

Keeping Faith after Chapel Hill Shooting

March 29, 2015
All we want is to feel equal, to be accepted and to be heard. But when the media ignores several Muslims who have been murdered in the same month and calls the incidents “random” then how can we feel like we actually belong?
Egyptians are divided over military ruler Abdulfattah Al-Sisi (pictured above), and Mohamed Morsi. (photo courtesy of Michael Kappeler/Zuma Press via TNS)

In Egypt, Censorship Means Polarization

October 22, 2014
While I was waiting for my coffee from a Halal truck vendor, the Egyptian fellow preparing my drink asked me if I was a Morsi or Sisi supporter.
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