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ANNIKA SUDERBURG, Contributing Writer

Illustration of literature and albums, including wuthering heights and the associated kate bush album, and 1984 and the david bowie album

Intertwined Influence: From Page to Pitch

October 18, 2020
Countless songs and albums were inspired by books. Annika Suderburg discusses Kate Bush and David Bowie's work inspired by literature.
graphic of woman looking out window at rain with the words

Mood Playlist: Plaintive

October 4, 2020
This playlist is meant to cathartically access the feelings of sorrow and yearning — rather than block them out, they should be felt.
graphic of laptop screen

Playlist: Wake Me Up For Online School

September 15, 2020
Four writers came together to compile the ultimate "wake up" playlist to get you ready in the morning for online classes.