Class of 2012 Prepares for Graduation


For seniors at Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC), graduation means many things. Some share feelings of nostalgia, others look forward to events leading up to commencement and others share words of wisdom for future graduates of FCLC. The Career Services office and Joseph Creamer, assistant dean for seniors, suggested tips that the class of 2012 should follow.

Creamer began meeting with seniors Nov. 2 of last year, and said that he tries to help seniors solidify their schedules for their last semester. Creamer said that he believes being prepared will help future seniors.

He said, “If there is a problem with Degreeworks, students tend to let it go, and that is where we run into problems.” Degreeworks is a checklist that students can use to make sure they have earned enough credits and completed all required classes for the Fordham core and their majors or minors in order to graduate.

Creamer also advises that, “junior students who go and study abroad need to meet with the associate chair of their major and get a substitution form. This should be taken care of before you meet with me.”

“Since the add/drop period is now closed, all seniors can do now is work hard till the end of the semester,” Creamer said.

Those seniors who were not able to finish their requirements, “will still be allowed to walk and their name will be listed as a candidate as long as they have no more than two summer classes to take,” Creamer assured.

While there is a certain feeling of anxiety about post-graduation life, career services is hosting a few events to help seniors connect with potential employers. Additionally, Career Services has been going through a career-counseling model to cater more to all the needs of the students at FCLC. Bernie Stratford, director of Experiential Education at Fordham, said, “In order to help students tell their story, Fordham has developed a four-year program called ‘Futures.’”

The goal of Career Services is to help students “understand and articulate their skills to employers,” Stratford said. “We’re in the assessment business, the preparation business and the hiring business.”

Holly Hughes, FCLC ’12 said, “it seems like Career Services is really revamping some of their services…There are some networking dinners that Career Services is putting on that I’m planning on attending.”

Career Services will have a spring career and internship fair at Rose Hill on Feb. 15. A preparation workshop will be held the day before in the South Lounge of FCLC. Also, on Mar. 27, there will be a Lincoln Center Virtual Career Fair. Creamer suggested that students also check out the South Lounge and Career Services blog to find job opportunities.

Upcoming senior events include Senior Salute on Apr. 11 and 12 where seniors will receive their cap and gowns. There is also Senior Week that occurs the week before graduation.

Although graduation is still a few months away, one senior shared her excitement. Sara Ingle, FCLC ’12, said that graduation will be, “an accomplishment that [she] will be proud of.”

Ingle also suggested advice for future seniors and said, “Get things done early. I have three apps to do and I’m starting to realize that I should have gotten started a while ago.”

Hughes also said, “I think I learned what I needed to learn here, but life beyond is kind of a mystery.” She said that she advises her underclassmen to “really enjoy their time here and take full advantage of the school.

“You only have four years, so make the most of them. I’ve learned as much from the student body as I have from my professors,” Hughes said.