Environmental Club Growing and Thriving

Fordham Club Not Just Flaunting Maroon, They’re Going Green


Going green. Sure, we’ve all heard it, but how many of us actually take the time to do it? Well, a group of Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) students aren’t just going green; they are doing it in a big way, as part of the environmental club.

The environmental club was founded by Logan Weir, FCLC ’12, in the fall semester of 2009, and was officially established as a club in the 2010 spring semester.

“I was used to a much more environmentally efficient way of living before I got to college, where I found it difficult to stay as eco-friendly. I thought I could make it easier for fellow students to be better environmentalists,” Weir said, explaining his motivations for starting the club.

Nazia Kamruzzaman, FCLC ’13, explained why she joined the club. “I was interested in learning new ways to improve the environment. I’ve worked with an organization that was dedicated to keeping the environment safe and I thought that this club would be perfect.”

Current Co-President of the club, Erica Hernandez, FCLC ’12, hopes that the club will help make FCLC more enviormentally aware.

“We hope that people can take part in [eco-friendly activities] like recycling, using reusable water bottles, taking the stairs and helping out with the rooftop vegetable garden within the Fordham community to keep Fordham as ‘green’ as possible,” Hernandez said.

One way the club hopes to achieve awareness is through their events. So far the club has hosted several screenings of various documentaries that address different issues concerning the environment in the world today.

“Our film screenings, both on- and off-campus, such as ‘The Cove,’ ‘Oceans’ and ‘Food, Inc.’ have all changed my life and outlook, and I know they have done the same for others,” Piyali Syam, secretary of the Environmental club, FCLC ’12,  said. “That’s the sign of a great film, and the documentaries we show are powerful tools for environmental and social change,” The club has also planned excursions to exhibits and movies that help address environmental issues, and have hosted supply drives that encourage people to donate old items instead of discarding them.

Syam discussed the club’s hopes for the future. “I really believe that this club can be of huge benefit to the Fordham community. As a new club, we’ve already established quite a substantial presence on campus, hosting major film screenings and raising environmental awareness. However, in our second year, our goal is to take advantage of this new awareness and implement the great ideas that we have on campus into action. As a city campus, sustainability is especially important. One major initiative we are working on is making Fordham recycling more efficient, particularly in the dorms and the cafeteria. There’s also a lot of people on campus who are really passionate about environmental issues and action, so I think we can have a great impact,” Syam said.

The club is participating in the current Recyclemania project, an initiative among several colleges to get more people to recycle. The club is also planning  a tie-dye event on Earth Day with music and handouts.

The club hopes it will be a gateway for FCLC to become more environmentally friendly.

“We are still in our formative years as a club, but we have been witnessing a steady increase in energetic membership and a community at Fordham that really does want to make some positive changes for the environment,” Hernandez said. “We are always looking for ideas and new active members who want to make a difference in the Fordham community. And [to help] get faculty and students actively engaged in making Fordham a ‘greener’ place. Even if you’re not a member, every little bit counts… recycle, take the stairs if you’re going to a lower floor and pick up trash when you see it! We’d be happy to have you!”