Late Surge From Honor Secures Fordham Win, 67-61


Photo courtesy of Vincent Dusovic Ivan Raut, Fordham College at Rose Hill ’21, (right) blocking a shot from Youngstown State.


Entering the second half, down six, Fordham Men’s Basketball had been outplayed by Youngstown State for much of the game thus far. However, the team came out of the locker room revived and turned in a gritty second half performance, eventually breaking through to a 67-61 victory on the backs of several underclassmen.

The lead changed hands several times throughout the second half, and a key three-pointer from Ivan Raut, Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH) ’21, with 14 minutes 47 seconds remaining tied the game at 38 points.

At around the same time, Youngstown employed a full court press that appeared to stymie the Rams. Brought to an offensive standstill, the game likely would have gotten out of hand had it not been for multiple defensive stops in critical situations. These stops gave Fordham an opportunity on which Nick Honor, FCRH ’22, capitalized.

In the last five minutes of the game, Honor scored 9 points, including all 4 free throws to put Fordham’s lead out of reach in the closing seconds. He finished the day with 17 points, emphasizing his integral role on the team.

To begin the year, the Rams have revitalized sports interest at Fordham, losing only one game in their first five. League play has not yet begun, and it’s unclear how Fordham matches up against other teams in their division. A strong start like this one, though, inevitably inspires hope and confidence in the team’s future. Davidson and St. Louis have had comparably successful starts, and in Davidson’s case those wins came against tougher competition. At the start of the season, Fordham has as good a chance as any other team to take the Atlantic 10.

Honor’s stellar performance so early in his freshman year indicates a long-term plan and investment for future success. Though Fordham basketball’s future success is uncertain and difficult for experts to forecast with the utmost positivity, it is encouraging to see younger players in Honor and Raut contributing in such a positive way. An NCAA Tournament bid is still a pipe dream, but Fordham basketball has put up competent and consistent play for the foreseeable future with their early success. If Honor and company continue to play at such a high level, the Rose Hill Gymnasium can look forward to full houses all the way through to February, and maybe even March.