NYC Eats: Holey Cream


At Holey Cream, located on Ninth Ave. between 52nd and 53rd Streets, doughnuts are made fresh daily. (Matt Surrusco/The Observer)


When walking into Holy Cream, one may think it is just another overpriced ice cream shop with nothing really special to offer. But as soon as you walk in and look at the signs on the wall that show you how to order a customized ice-cream-stuffed donut, you know that this is an oasis of monster-sized proportions.

Holy Cream offers donuts, cupcakes, ice cream, milkshakes and coffee. But what really sets it apart from the rest of the local dessert place is its famous donut ice cream sandwich. When I heard that my two most beloved desserts were getting married in one heavenly sandwich, I had to go and investigate. The ice cream sandwich consists of a vanilla donut, three scoops of ice cream, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, or nutella frosting, and unlimited toppings. I got Holy Moly and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, vanilla frosting, and M&Ms.

The donut sandwich was $8, which, for a normal dessert is a bit too much, but you are actually getting $8 worth of ice cream plus a donut, so this is a reasonable price.

When my masterpiece was handed over to me, I was overwhelmed. It was so big it didn’t even fit in its container. I was doubting whether or not I was going to be able to finish it all. But then I took my first bite and all other thoughts vanished. For the next twenty minutes, it was just me and this donut. The ice cream made the donut all soft and gooey, but then the icing and M&Ms provided the perfect crunch. This treat was actual donut heaven.

Other dessert options include donuts for $2.50, with flavors like Nutella, Smores, and Gummy Bear delight. There’s also ice cream by the pint for $7.50, or scoops of ice cream starting at $5.25. They have classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate, but they also offer wild flavors like red velvet cupcake and matcha green tea. They also have fresh fruit smoothies for $7.25, milkshakes for $7.75, sorbet and frozen yogurt for $5.25, jumbo cookies for $2.50, and specialty sundaes for $8.50. No matter what kind of dessert you’re looking for, you can find it at Holy Cream.

So if the stress of college, family, or life in general gets to be too much to handle, I recommend making the short journey over to W 53rd and 9th ave to Holy Creme and indulging in a monster-sized ice cream-stuffed donut. This delicious dessert will cure all your stress, and if not, it will definitely cure your hunger.