YouTube’s Greatest Hits


Published: August 30, 2007

(Courtesy of YouTube)

Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama

This is the first recommendation, and with good reason, because honestly, videos like this are why YouTube is successful. The clip is puzzling, informative, challenging, surreal and, most importantly, fall-down hilarious. Each moment is pure gold, similar to that found at the ends of rainbows, and apparently, in trees in Mobile, Ala.

The video is a (reputedly) legit local news report from the town of Mobile, covering a mysterious leprechaun sighting. This wily creature had turned the town into a circus; the kind of psycho-billy circus fueled by grain alcohol and dementia and that was only thought to exist in episodes of “Tales From the Crypt.” Some citizens interviewed voice their concerns about the location of the wee man’s treasure, while others offer their realist opinions on the true nature of the creature (i.e. a crack-head).

This video holds a certain je ne sais quoi that leaves the words used to describe it limp and wasted. There is truly no poet who has ever picked up a pencil, quill or laptop who could aptly describe the man adorned in camouflage brandishing his great-great-grandfather’s ancient leprechaun flute. If there is anything on this planet that can be described as a “must see,” it is this video. Please go watch it now.

(Courtesy of YouTube)

Little Girl vs. Monster

If it was revealed that the girl in this video was Pixar’s inspiration for the “Monster’s Inc.” character, Boo, the young girl who mistakenly stumbles through her closet door into the world of the monsters, no one would be surprised. The two toddlers look and sound alike and both have strong feelings about monsters. These attitudes seem to conflict, however, as Boo comes to love the monsters she meets, while this three-year-old vows to Chuck Norris the crap out of any beast who invades her home.

Young kids cursing has always been cute, but what this video teaches us is that kids who try to curse but are too young to pronounce the words correctly are even cuter. It is one Cosby sweater away from airing on “Kids Say the Darndest Things,” but thanks to YouTube, you don’t need a television to watch it.

(Courtesy of YouTube)

The Rocky Song Remixed

The man in this video is named Ronald Jenkees. He is a famous producer of hip-hop beats. Well, at least he is to the 5,000 people who subscribe to his video blog. This video is a good introduction to the man’s work, not because it shows him at his most musically talented (although the song is really nothing to scoff at) but it does seem to be a great illustration of his personality.

He begins this clip with his signature greeting of “Hello YouTubes!” From there, he admits to not knowing whether someone calling his beats “whack” is praise or disapproval, and then offhandedly mentions that he has seen the latest Rocky film three times. This video was put on YouTube while “Rocky Balboa” was still in theaters. He then tears into a triumphant rendition of the “Rocky” theme on keyboard, accompanied by his own original beat blasting from the speakers next to him.

The result is an improv-heavy, hip-hop version of the most uplifting song ever written. Watching Jenkees’ face change from the look of a goofy video blogger to that of a serious musician in mere seconds is also pretty inspiring in its own right. The man has uploaded over 60 videos to the site and adds a new clip every week or so.