Fordham Shares its Social Media Policy via Social Media

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Fordham Shares its Social Media Policy via Social Media

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Under the new social media policy, Fordham can delete any post they find “offensive” off social media pages such as their Facebook page. (Courtesy of Fordham University)

News Editor
Published: November 12, 2012

Fordham rereleased its social media policy this afternoon via Facebook and Blogspot. The policy, published April 19, 2011, said, “The University reserves the right to delete any posting or comment it finds offensive from University blogs, Facebook pages, or other social media platforms.”

The policy was shared via Facebook as a status update, reflecting on recent Fordham conversations posted on the university’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Below is Fordham’s comment shared via Facebook on Nov. 11, 2012 earlier this afternoon.

By and large the recent conversations on Facebook and Twitter have been passionate but civil, and for that we’re grateful. We delete personal attacks and profanity, but mostly let people have their say, and have made allowances for some uncivil language, to err on the side of not stifling opinions.
There has been dialogue generated in response to the university’s status update by way of commenting on Facebook, “liking” the university’s status update, and sharing the social media policy link.
The social media policy directs all questions and inquiries regarding the policy itself and Fordham’s social media presence to Bob Howe, director of communications, who can be reached at (212) 636-6538 or [email protected]