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Spring 2020 from an editor-in-chief’s inbox

March 16, 2021

I served The Fordham Observer as editor-in-chief during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. The month of March 2020 began as innocuously as any, but by now you surely know the story — it ended in a completely new reality for everyone.

This included the staff of The Fordham Observer, which, on the day we were instructed to return home by Fordham University, scrambled to put together one last print edition, one day early, to a campus already one-half empty. This is The Observer’s story as I lived it, email by email, message by message, one year later.

It’s natural to sometimes wish for a return to the way things were. But as we forge a new present every hour of every day, reporting with open minds on a changing world, we risk regression by looking back for too long. Allow me — and my long-buried inbox — then, to simply pay respects.


graphic of the gmail header with a march 2020 date

from:         Courtney
to:              me, Observer Staff



Happy March, hope midterms treated you well! We’ll be meeting for our usual workshop meeting today at 5:30 p.m., in 140W G74 (again, the room is subject to change, we are waiting to hear back from Student Involvement).

Hope to see you there … we’ll be having presentations from our Social Media and Newsletter teams today!



graphic of the gmail header with a march 2020 date

from:         Shamya
to:              me, Courtney, Gil
subject:     Newsletter Fliers!


Hey Courtney and Owen,

Gil and I were wondering if we could have these approved and printed?

red newsletter flyer



graphic of the gmail header with a march 2020 date

from:         <[email protected]>
to:              me
subject:     Google Alert – Fordham University


University Prepares for Corona Outbreak After First NYC Case
Fordham Observer

University Provost Dennis Jacobs emailed all Fordham faculty at 9:40 a.m. on March 2 asking them to prepare a continuity plan in case the COVID-19 …



graphic of the gmail header with a march 2020 date

from:         <[email protected]>
to:              me
subject:     What’s Happening on Campus!


What’s Happening on Campus!

The top of this email feature highlights for this week, scroll to the bottom for all upcoming events & meetings for the next few weeks!



graphic of the gmail header with a march 2020 date

from:         Courtney
to:              me, Observer staff


Hey all,

Following the University’s programming protocol, we unfortunately will not be having our general meeting tomorrow (3/9). Stay safe, and take care!


graphic of the gmail header with a march 2020 date

from:         Evan
to:              me, Opinions List
subject:     Write for the April Fools Issue!


Hey Y’all!

Are you looking for a chance to write satirical or humorous pieces for the Observer, or have you before? If so, listen up: we’re putting some extra effort into the issue that comes out for April Fool’s Day, and we’d love to hear your pitch for anything silly, hilarious and witty. Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus we won’t be having a general meeting this Monday, so just email myself, Grace, Haley and Emily with your idea before Tuesday and we can get started!



graphic of the gmail header with a march 2020 date

from:         me
to:              Observer staff
subject:     OBSERVER: March Deadlines and Contingencies RE: Class Cancellation



Fordham has canceled all in-person events and classes, and students have been instructed to go home. In-person classes and events, according to the most recent information, will resume no earlier than March 30. The Observer is more than equipped to operate normally under a fully remote system.

The Observer’s plan, as of 2:30 p.m. Monday, March 9, is as follows:

Issue 4 will be printed on schedule. Please address all edits sooner rather than later.

Issue 5 will continue as scheduled. If we are unable to return to campus on March 30, we will produce the issue remotely and send it to print, pending the availability of our print contractor and feasibility of effective distribution. Issue 5 will be published online on time regardless.

Interviews and elections will also continue as scheduled, pending administration approval to return to campus and hold events. In the event that we are not able to return to campus for the planned interview day, we will reschedule. As a reminder, applications are due 3/29, and interviews will take place 4/4.

The Observer will comply with the university’s safety measures and only operate on campus after taking every precaution. Contributors and staff, please check your email regularly for updates as The Observer and the university respond to this evolving situation. Expect weekly updates, if not more frequent. 

E-Board, be prepared to work remotely, keep your writers updated on section deadlines / initiatives, and present meeting-style section check-ins via remote correspondence. Information for E-Board members about remote meetings will be communicated before the end of the day.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Stay safe, stay informed and stay productive.



graphic of a text conversation between owen and courtney that reads: "...and was insisting that we don't print tonight. we're fucking printing tonight." "let's fucking go dude. i think i'm gonna run to burrito box to grab rice and beans. Want some?" "I'll be alright"



graphic of the gmail header with a march 2020 date

from:         Courtney
to:              Observer E-Board
subject:     TO PRINT @ 3:10 a.m.


We did the damn thing, old school in one night! Thanks all for your help and patience with these last minute university protocols; stay safe and treasure any hand sanitizer you own!



graphic of the gmail header with a march 2020 date

from:         <[email protected] via>
to:              me
subject:     [TEST] Newsletter Special Edition: The Coronavirus Report


Hello Rams; we hope everyone is feeling healthy and well. There’s been a lot going on this week as Fordham has taken responsive measures to the coronavirus outbreak. We’re bringing you a special edition of the newsletter to keep you informed on how the situation has progressed thus far. The Observer’s website and social media will continue to be updated with the latest developments as they occur.

On behalf of all of us at The Observer, we wish you good health and safe travels.



graphic of the gmail header with a march 2020 date

from:         me
to:              Observer Staff
subject:     OBSERVER: Adapting to a Remote Semester



By now, you’ve learned that Fordham has canceled all in-person classes and events through the end of the spring semester. If this is news to you, go follow us on social media.

Here’s what this means for the rest of the semester:

The Observer will continue to publish on schedule at

Though we will suspend print operations effective immediately, we will continue to publish consistently. Keep in contact with your section editors and be mindful of our existing schedule.

Stay tuned for new meeting procedures.

Our general assembly, section breakouts and E-Board will take a new form as we work remotely. We’ll be in your inbox soon for how we’ll continue to keep in touch.

Elections will continue on schedule, albeit remotely.

Stay tuned for how we’ll conduct interviews. If you’ve signed up for an interview slot, that time remains yours. As a reminder: applications are due Sunday, March 29, and interviews will be conducted Saturday, April 4.

This is a historic time, and it is our duty to stay safe, stay informed and record it!

All aspects of this situation are worth analysis and opinion. I encourage you to keep your eyes and ears open for stories that resonate with the Fordham community.

We are in this together.

My inbox is always open for comments, concerns and ideas, as are those of every member of our editorial board. We’re here to help you as we figure out how to best uphold our role as the Student Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center in these trying times.

I can’t thank you enough for your continued understanding and cooperation. I look forward to finishing this semester strong.



graphic of the gmail header with a march 2020 date

from:         me
to:              Observer Staff
subject:     OBSERVER: Issue 5 and General Meetings



I hope all is well and you’re safely enjoying your spring breaks. We will proceed with Issue 5’s remote production and conduct meetings remotely as follows:

Issue 5 will proceed as planned and publish online. Stories will appear on both and a special, abbreviated online pdf issue.

The April 1 special issue is off. We’ve made the editorial decision to refrain from publishing this content given the circumstances. The Rubberneck will also refrain from publishing content for the foreseeable future. We’re not against fun, and I encourage you to continue to find the human element and student angle in your writing, but we believe this is the right decision for the moment.

We will resume meeting every Monday at 5:30 p.m. via Zoom, starting March 23. There, you’ll be able to hear from me, E-Board presenters and your section editors.We’ll also have time for questions. We will conduct our E-Board meetings directly after.


Stay in contact. Though we won’t be meeting this week as a whole group, your editors are able to answer any questions you may have in the meantime. We have a lot to talk about, and I look forward to seeing everyone on Zoom next Monday.

Wishing all the best, and I appreciate your continued enthusiasm as we get used to our remote operations. Please stay safe, and best of luck with your classes.



graphic of the gmail header with a march 2020 date

from:         me
to:              Observer Staff
subject:     OBSERVER: Spring Elections and Interviews



I personally dislike reading emails with the following opening, but know now more than ever that I mean it: I hope this email finds you well.

Our upcoming issues and spring elections loom large. Here are some updates on how we’ll proceed:

Interviews will take place via Zoom. The full invitation text can be found in the Interview Signup Sheet. As a reminder, applications are due Sunday, March 29 at 11:59 p.m. Please join the meeting at least five minutes earlier than your assigned time so that we may allow everyone a full and fair interview.

Speaking of assigned time…

All interviews will be three hours later. Many of us will be conferencing in from different time zones, and we decided that a 4 a.m. call for our California friends was a bit much. Please review the Interview Signup Sheet and confirm that your rescheduled time still works. If not, please select a different open interview slot. All interview times are in Eastern Time.

Pitches for Issue 5 are due next Monday, 3/23. Drafts will be due that Friday, 3/27. Coronavirus is the big story for the foreseeable future, and we will strive to cover all aspects of its impact on our community — at Fordham, in New York City and with every Fordham student in every corner of the world. Your section editors will be in touch with ideas and assignments soon if they haven’t reached out already. Our inboxes are always open to ideas, leads and suggestions!

I am immensely proud of The Observer’s editorial board for their enthusiasm and determination to continue our mission through this unique time. You should think about joining this immensely talented group. Regardless, I look forward to seeing everyone at our first general Zoom meeting on Monday, 3/23 at 5:30 p.m. (and weekly after that).

Enjoy the break, stay safe and keep your ears open.


graphic of the gmail header with a march 2020 date

from:         Dorothy
to:              me, Courtney
subject:     Website Minor Edit


Hi Owen and Courtney –

Congrats on all your work keeping the paper going. I’ve been looking at all your instagram updates and breaking news stories. 

I noticed tonight that the website references your issue 4 on stands as on the top banner I see

banner promoting the observer's 4th issue of 2020

If that can be changed to reference the online version of Issue 4 or taken down entirely, I’d appreciate it.  Public Safety has been minimizing people on campus so folks can’t get a paper from the stand currently.



graphic of the gmail header with a march 2020 date

from:         <[email protected] via>
to:              me
subject:     [Test] Newsletter 3/26: Home Work

screenshot from the observer's newsletter. background is maroon and the text reads, "Happy Saturday, Rams — we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. To keep you better connected with the Fordham community while we're all apart, the newsletter will be weekly from here on out. We will provide COVID-19 updates as they develop, but we also aim to highlight a diverse array of stories about what our fellow Rams are up to. We look forward to keeping the Lincoln Center community connected, wherever each of you may be. And don't forget: we're still publishing! Our next issue will be available on Issuu and on our website this Wednesday."

screenshot from the observer's newsletter, with a white background and black text that reads, "Finally, we leave you with a quote from Eric Thomas: "Don’t think about what can happen in a month. Don’t think about what can happen in a year. Just focus on the 24 hours in front of you and do what you can to get closer to where you want to be." Stay well this week."



graphic of a text from owen's aunt mary that reads: "happy birthday o! i hope you have a great day! when all this virus crap is over i owe you a drink! happy 21!"



graphic of a text message from patrick that reads "happy birthday owen i hope you party like it's 1999 except there's a wave of pestilence outside"



graphic of a slack workspace. jill has sent owen a photo of a newsletter flyer on a maroon bulletin board


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