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The Observer strives to uphold its role as the Student Voice of Fordham Lincoln Center in all content across all platforms. We accept submissions from Fordham undergraduates from all campuses.


Contact and Email Lists

To sign up for the general Observer email list, email [email protected].
This is the email address to contact with any general questions about the submission process.

To sign up for section-specific email lists, refer to the masthead and reach out to section editors.
Keep in contact with section editors for story ideas, important updates on your submission and other pressing information.


Production Schedule

The Observer publishes biweekly, with periodic three-week production cycles. Because of this, it is important to stay up-to-date with the Observer production cycle. Important dates through the end of the Fall 2019 semester are as follows:

Pitches Due by 10:00 p.m.
Issue 10: 9/16
Issue 11: 9/30
Issue 12: 10/14
Issue 13: 10/28
Issue 14: 11/18

Rough Drafts Due by 10:00 p.m.
Issue 10: 9/23
Issue 11: 10/7
Issue 12: 10/21
Issue 13: 11/4
Issue 14: 11/25

Final Review Due by 10:00 p.m. (all edits addressed)
Issue 10: 9/27
Issue 11: 10/11
Issue 12: 10/25
Issue 13: 11/8
Issue 14: 11/29


Story Ideas

Leads and story ideas are emailed out regularly following weekly meetings (Mondays at 5:30). Meetings are the first chance to pitch and claim story ideas, and any unclaimed ideas. 



To Whom:
All submissions should be emailed to the editors of the section to which the piece pertains. The online editor must also be copied.
If you are unsure about where a piece may best fit, it is acceptable to address a submission to multiple sections. The Observer reserves the right to determine the proper section for each submission as well. 


The Observer’s editing process takes place on Google Docs. Submissions should be in the form of a Google Doc and have direct editing permissions for all enabled. Submissions through the standard two-week editorial process should be accompanied by a photo proposal or other visual idea to accompany the piece. On-spec submissions (mentioned below) must be submitted with an image attached.


All ideas must be claimed, stories submitted and edits addressed before the established deadlines if they are to be featured in the print issue.


On-Spec Submissions
Writing submitted to The Observer intended to be published as soon as possible with only copy edits will appear on On-spec work is not guaranteed to appear in or be edited for an upcoming print issue. 

On-Spec Submissions will be published online within 48 hours of submission, unless:

  • The piece does not have an included (linked or attached via email, not pasted into Google Drive) featured image
  • The piece requires content edits or is otherwise deemed unfit for immediate publishing. In that case, the writer will promptly receive edits and feedback from section editors.