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Esmé Bleecker-Adams, FCLC 21, is a visual arts major and (oh-so-jaded) New Yorker who is incredibly grateful for her time at The Observer and for all the lovely people she has met there! Favorite hobbies include sewing, playing table tennis and ignoring her alarm clock.

The plaintiffs of the case. From left to right (standing): Jeanine Ramirez, Vivian Lee and Kristen Shaughnessy. (Seated:) Roma Torre and Amanda Farinacci.

Fordham Alumni Take Up Anti-Discrimination Case Against NY1

August 25, 2019
“Separately we all started to feel like we were being marginalized,” said Ramirez, a Brooklyn native and Fordham graduate who has been at NY1 since 1996. “When we began to talk to each other, we realized this was systemic.” 
August Crossword

August Crossword

August 10, 2019

It’s unfair and imposes an unnecessary hardship that Fordham should slam a $3,073 fee on already-struggling students’ backs. 

Fordham Botched New Healthcare Roll-Out and We’re All Going to Pay: Jumping SHIP is Not an Option

July 18, 2019

In early May, students were surprised with an email from Senior Vice President for Student Affairs Jeffrey Gray announcing a change to Fordham’s health insurance policy. Starting next semester, all full-time...

July Crossword

July Crossword

July 5, 2019

USG Candidates Debate Ahead of Contested Election

USG Candidates Debate Ahead of Contested Election

March 31, 2019
As the moderators pressed the candidates on their platforms, Tong and Thermadam focused their responses on the organization of clubs at Fordham and student involvement on campus. The candidates also clashed over the structure of USG itself and their vision for the university.
The countries that grant birthright citizenship.

There Is More Than Enough Citizenship to Go Around

December 6, 2018
As an American citizen, I am grateful and proud to share the benefits of citizenship with anyone who calls this country home.