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Editorial Board 2018-2019

We work together to bring you this independent-minded student newspaper. Our goal is to seek and present the unbiased truth and tell the stories of the vast FCLC community. Be sure to follow our editors on social media to get the latest updates on all Fordham Observer happenings. Feel free to contact us with your feedback and story ideas.

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Colin Sheeley | [email protected]


Managing Editor
Izzi Duprey | [email protected]


Business Managers
Alexios Avgerinos | [email protected]
Teymur Guliyev | [email protected]


Online Editor
Courtney Brogle | [email protected]


Layout Editors
Steph Lawlor | [email protected]
Loïc Khodarkovsky | [email protected]


Asst. Layout Editor
Esmé Bleecker-Adams | [email protected]


News Editors
Ruby Gara | [email protected]
Jordan Meltzer | [email protected]


Asst. News Editors
Sophie Partridge-Hicks | [email protected]
Gabriel Samandi | [email protected]


Opinions Editor
Owen Roche | [email protected]


Asst. Opinions Editors
Grace Getman | [email protected]
Evan Vollbrecht | [email protected]


Arts & Culture Editor
Marielle Sarmiento | [email protected]


Asst. Arts & Culture Editors
Kevin Christopher Robles | [email protected]
Gillian Russo | [email protected]


Features Editors
Lindsay Jorgensen | [email protected]
Jeffrey Umbrell | [email protected]


Asst. Features Editor
Gianna Smeraglia | [email protected]


Sports & Health Editor
Luke Osborn | [email protected]


Asst. Sports & Health Editors
Patrick Moquin | [email protected]
Lena Weidenbruch | [email protected]


Photo Editor
Zoey Liu | [email protected]


Asst. Photo Editor
Social Media Editor
Shamya Zindani | [email protected]


Fun & Games Editor
Dan Nasta | [email protected]


Copy Editors
Libby Lanza 
[email protected]
Lulu Schmieta | [email protected]
Sami Umani | [email protected]

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Editorial Board 2018-2019