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Amy Coney Barrett standing at a podium addressing a crowd on the lawn in front of the White House with American flags behind her and Donald Trump standing to her right

Amy Coney Barrett Is Not an Ideal Christian Jurist

October 21, 2020

Amy Coney Barrett is only using the veneer of Christianity to hide deeply un-Christian politics and a conservative agenda for the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court Building, for an article about original / originalism and Amy Coney Barrett

An Original Interpretation of Amy Coney Barrett

October 18, 2020

If we continued to interpret the law according to the original writers’ intentions, then women might be still largely confined to domestic duties and Black people might still be enslaved.

Pope Francis waving

‘A Culture of Life’: The Catholic Church Has Never Advocated for the Death Penalty

October 18, 2020

Although the Catholic Church had not previously condemned the death penalty on the whole, its prior stance was in no way in support of it. 

map of rio grande valley (RGV) in texas

Why COVID-19 Continues to Devastate My RGV Community on the Border

October 8, 2020

While other states recovered, the Rio Grande Valley, or RGV, continued to struggle with COVID-19. Though the odds have always been stacked against us, we are determined to survive.

trump and biden each at a microphone, who engaged in a debate on Sept. 29

Everything That Went Wrong With the First Presidential Debate and How We Can Fix It

October 7, 2020

With the number of problems facing America at the moment, we need more and shorter sections in future presidential debates. Even more pressing is the inherent need to promote facts and the truth during presidential debates.

portrait of Cesare Beccaria, who wrote against the death penalty

Why the Death Penalty Is Immoral and Un-American

October 3, 2020

The establishment of capital punishment is self-defeating. The state exists to prevent murder, not carry it out.

a bike lane next to the sidewalk with a barrier of parked cars separating it from the street

NYC Needs More Protected Bike Lanes

October 2, 2020

Protected or not, we need to safeguard these lanes not only with barriers but also with legislation and fines.

A portrait of Amy Coney Barrett

Why Amy Coney Barrett Should Be Appointed Immediately

October 1, 2020

Barrett’s likely confirmation to the Supreme Court is the first step Republicans need to take to stop Democrats from destroying the systems that have governed us since 1789.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a coffin on the front of the Supreme Court building

Remembering Ruth Bader Ginsburg: The Ultimate Survivor

October 1, 2020

During a time where we all feel bogged down by the uncertainty of the pandemic, we can look to RBG as a true inspiration for how to persevere no matter what lies ahead.

a wall with graffiti in Hong Kong reading

My Experience Studying Abroad During the Hong Kong Protests

September 23, 2020

As I lay bleeding on a smoke-filled street in Hong Kong, with Molotov cocktails and unidentified projectiles whizzing over my head, I wondered if this was really how my study abroad experience was going to end.

a New York hotel room used for quarantine

Time to Nix New York’s Quarantine

September 16, 2020

The rules for quarantining are highly specific and unrealistic in implementation.

A doctor holding a needle with a vaccine

A Blueprint for Equitable Vaccine Distribution

September 16, 2020

It will take a truly global effort to end the pandemic, and not all countries will be able to participate as fully as others in such an effort.