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‘Palm Springs’ Under the Stars

July 29, 2020

Max Barbakow’s “Palm Springs,” the indie rom-com with a science-fiction twist, debuted on VOD and in drive-in movie theaters.

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Three Things to Watch Right Now If You’re White and Trying to Be a Good Ally

June 18, 2020

What to watch for anyone trying to be a good ally to the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

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Isolation Films to Fill Your Quarantine With

May 12, 2020

Can't get enough isolation during lockdown? Melanie Corinne goes through a few isolation films to watch in quarantine.

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Video on Demand: A Cure for Cinephilia?

April 28, 2020

From the big studios to small film companies, the film industry has to figure out how to keep audiences while they’re at home, and in the future to come.

Storyboards of Koty Vooys' latest film are spread out across a table with pens and a ruler on top of them.

Club Spotlight: Filmmaking Club

April 21, 2020

Amid canceled festival plans and virtual meeting adaptations, members of the Filmmaking Club continue to prepare for their end-of-semester Fordham Film Festival.

Catching up on movies is proving to be a great way for students to use their newfound free time in quarantine.

A Guide to the Lesser-Known Streaming Galaxy

April 14, 2020

While Netflix’s top shows are entertaining, quarantine also provides a unique opportunity to explore the streaming movie catalog for something new, including B-movies, period films and kids’ flicks one might not normally watch.

Fine Arts Classes Adapt to Online Learning

Fine Arts Classes Adapt to Online Learning

April 1, 2020

Dance, theater and visual arts students are being presented with a learning curve as their hands-on, physicality-focused classes must now fit within the framework of Zoom.

Mark Blum acts alongside Kate Burton in a 2007 production of “The Cherry Orchard” with Huntington Theatre Company in Boston, one of many shows in Blum’s storied career.

Mark Blum, Former Fordham Professor, Dies From Coronavirus

April 1, 2020

Fordham Theatre alumni and faculty reflect on the stage and screen actor, who died March 26 at 69 years old.

‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ Tells of a Timeless Romance

‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ Tells of a Timeless Romance

March 10, 2020

Celine Sciamma’s latest film, “Portrait of a Lady on Fire,” explores gender and sexual orientation of young women through a timeless romance. The film follows a painter who is commissioned to do a portrait of a woman without her knowledge by claiming she is just a walking companion. Read this review of “Portrait of a Lady on Fire.”

Many of the student filmmakers who participated in the festival attended the Story conference to receive their awards.

NYFTSA Hosts Story 2020 Conference

March 10, 2020

Fordham’s chapter of the New York Film and Television Student Alliance (NYFTSA) hosted the second annual Story 2020 conference on Mar. 7, ending with the group’s first ever One-Minute Film Festival showcasing student films. Read more about the event and festival winners.

'Onward' Struggles to Move Forward, But It Will Still Make You Cry

‘Onward’ Struggles to Move Forward, But It Will Still Make You Cry

March 10, 2020

Pixar’s latest film “Onward,” about two brothers on a quest to resurrect their father, is fun but not as impressive as the studio’s other movies.

Review: ‘Emma.’ Proves Cosmically Wonderful

Review: ‘Emma.’ Proves Cosmically Wonderful

February 27, 2020

Exceptionally unique directing, production design, cinematography and music come together to create a nuanced and dreamlike masterpiece in the new adaptation of Jane Austen's classic novel.