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Crossword Answers 4/5/2018

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Crossword Answers 4/5/2018

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1.Haul [STASH]
6. Boast [BRAG]
10. Dynasty or Solo [HAN]
13. Hook, for one [PIRATE]
14. Dynamics prefix [AERO]
15. Sugar suffix [OSE]
16. Agreed upon in advance [PREARRANGED]
18. That which Horton hears [WHO]
19. Florida island [KEY]
20. Biggest artery [AORTA]
21. Former Yemeni capital [ADEN]
22. Incentives [STIMULATIONS]
25. Intervene [STEPIN]
28. Alexis Bledel, when in Star’s Hollow [RORY]
29. Records for later [TIVOS]
30. USG presidential candidate [BLACKWOOD]
35. Film scene with no cuts [ONER]
36. Housekeepers [MAIDS]
37. Energy [AURA]
38. Ticks, for one [PARASITES]
40. Archie, Hal or Homer [TVDAD]
41. Annual national outputs [GDPS]
42. ___ on: Get plastered [TIEONE]
43. West coasters [CALIFORNIANS]
48. Fordham’s club that celebrates Lunar New Year [APAC]
49. Build [ERECT]
50. Old Man’s partner [SEA]
53. Expired [BAD]
54. USG presidential candidate [DERARTINIAN]
57. Indignation [IRE]
58. Exist next to [ABUT]
59. Stuck with routine [INARUT]
60. Disco noise, when repeated [NTS]
61. Gambling city and state, abbr. [LVNV]
62. Okja’s titular character [CGPIG]


1. Foal dad [SIRE]
2. South Park’s Parker [TREY]
3. Roadside help org. [AAA]
4. USG presidential candidate [STRATIS]
5. Smack or junk [HEROIN]
6. Language spoken in Central and Southern Africa [BANTU]
7. AMC competitor [REGAL]
8. All my friends ___ dead [ARE]
9. Mount Olympus resident [GOD]
10. Old timey “what’s up” [HOWDOYOUDO]
11. Campfire coated [ASHEN]
12. City lights [NEONS]
13. Bond gun [PPK]
17. Hand holder [ARM]
21. FCC’s concern [AIRWAVES]
22. Sputtering [SPORADIC]
23. Curves[ARCS]
24. Kesha’s TiK ___[TOK]
25. Top of the traffic signal [STOP]
26. Mean Girls writer[TINA]
27. Florida wetlands [EVERGLADES]
30. Flying mammal [BAT]
31. Pinocchio’s undoing [LIE]
32. YouTube money makers[ADS]
33. Pokemon berry [ORAN]
34. Miami’s county [DADE]
36. Ramen flavoring [MISO]
39. Sunscreen rating [SPF]
40. Darkening [TINTING]
42. Strategy [TACTIC]
43. “___ in the Woods” (2011) [CABIN]
44. In pieces [APART]
45. Show again [RERUN]
46. Gun show? [NRATV]
47. Comparative suffix [IER]
50. Voice of Apple [SIRI]
51. Sixth string, sharp five [EAUG]
52. Six-foot builder [ANT]
54. Indian stew [DAL]
55. Mono, scientifically [EBV]
56. Fleeting daytime slumber [NAP]

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