Crossword Answers 3/14/2018

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Crossword Answers 3/14/2018

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1. Unfortunately [ALAS]
5. Singing group [CHOIR]
10. Best Animated Film in 2018 [COCO]
14. Songwriter who moves in mysterious ways [BONO]
15. Get together again [REUNE]
16. Prayer concluder [AMEN]
17. One of the upper crust [ARISTOCRAT]
19. Cash register [TILL]
20. Featured Smith in “Latch” [SAM]
21. To seek an answer [ASK]
22. With good reason [RIGHTLY]
24. Puts pressure on [EXERTS]
26. Prenatal prefix [AMNIO]
27. Statue belonging to 10 across [OSCAR]
29. Soothes [ALLAYS]
33. Catchall category, abbr. [MISC]
36. Hems and haws [UMMS]
38. Stretches to prom [LIMOS]
39. (Running) crazily [AMOK]
40. Refill your tank, so to speak [TOPUP]
42. On the cob [CORN]
43. Italian fashion capital [MILAN]
45. Farm container for 42-across [SILO]
46. Artistic results of applying needles filled with color to the skin [INKS]
47. Off-key [ATONAL]
49. Chances to play [TURNS]
51. To what one says yes on TLC [DRESS]
53. Musical paces [TEMPOS]
57. Receiver of an earring [PIERCEE]
60. Constellation near Scorpius [ARA]
61. Amazement [AWE]
62. As well as [ALSO]
63. Method to circle the Rosie [RINGAROUND]
66. Softsoap competitor [DIAL]
67. Without exception [EVERY]
68. On the ocean [ASEA]
69. Sleazy lawyer whom you had better call [SUAL]
70. Secretary of Education under Donald Trump [DEVOS]
71. Change the spacing between characters [KERN]


1. It’s not an acid, it’s ____ [ABASE]
2. He who speaks for the trees [LORAX]
3.. Dragon Ball Z or Fruits Basket [ANIME]
4. The Titanic’s dying plea, abbr. [SOS]
5. How to make waffle fries [CROSSCUT]
6. What the ____ [HECK]
7. Lord’s Prayer opener [OUR]
8. Where the IV goes [INARM]
9. Rods and Cones Receptor [RETINA]
10. Religion of Father McShane [CATHOLICISM]
11. Leave out [OMIT]
12. What the mitochondria powers [CELL]
13. “You’re my one and ___” [ONLY]
18. Things accrued after applications of 46-across, for short [TATS]
23. Fish-breather [GILL]
25. 14-across genre [ROCKANDROLL]
26. Deodorant applique sites [ARMPITS]
28. Famous cookie maker [AMOS]
30. A wolf in Dungeons & Dragons [AMON]
31. Peppermint patties [YORK]
32. Equifax hack leaks [SSNS]
33. 2013 horror movie with matriarchal theme [MAMA]
34. “Who are you?” response from Pennywise [IMIT]
35. Star Wars film coming out in May [SOLO]
37. George Takei Star Trek character [SULU]
41. Saoirse Ronan ____ the title character in Lady Bird [PORTRAYS]
44. Your RA, slangily [NARC]
48. Stared at, unpleasantly [LEERED]
50. Close to [NEAR]
52. To drive, in Finnish [SEIVE]
54. Coca-Cola: The ____ that refreshes [PAUSE]
55. Not a renter [OWNER]
56. Car holding four or more passengers [SEDAN]
57. Tampons alternative [PADS]
58. Makeup brand found at Sephora [ILIA]
59. Jacob’s twin, biblically [ESAU]
60. Hostile for no reason, slangily [AGRO]
64. “Catfish” leading man [NEV]
65. Pokemon-bearing professor [OAK]