Crossword Answers 03/01/2018

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Crossword Answers 03/01/2018

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  1. What you’re reading right now [HINT]
  2. Since [ASOF]
  3. Okey-dokey, say [IMIN]
  4. Alternative to Gouda [EDAM]
  5. When you wish upon _____ [ASTAR]
  6. Jack’s nautical partner [ROSE]
  7. “We Can Do It” sayer [ROSIETHERIVETER]
  8. ___ mode, for ice cream [ALA]
  9. Filled to the ___ [BRIM]
  10. Made askew [TILTED]
  11. ___ de vivre [JOIE]
  12. After the D.S., in music [CODA]
  13. “Stronger together” sayer [HILLARYCLINTON]
  14. A hot drink on a snowy day [COCOA]
  15. Broadway legend, Miss Hagen [UTA]
  16. Cool, in slang [DOPE]
  17. Website addr. [URL]
  18. English student’s bane [ESSAY]
  19. Ink, slangily [TAT]
  20. Leading Hollywood figure [STAR]
  21. Rugrats dad [STU]
  22. Baby horses [FOALS]
  23. Sugar, spice and everything nice plus Chemical X [POWERPUFFGIRLS]
  24. Noble gas or highlight shade [NEON]
  25. Hydrox ripoff [OREO]
  26. Free [GRATIS]
  27. Repeated alternative-providing conjunction [OROR]
  28. Maddie Ziegler’s employer [SIA]
  29. Girl boss club at Graduate School of Business [WOMENINBUSINESS]
  30. Happily ___ after [EVER]
  31. Requests at a barber shop [TRIMS]
  32. Escape route [EXIT]
  33. Monster inhabited lake [NESS]
  34. Snack for 40 across [OATS]
  35. Place to get a pap smear [GYNO]


  1. Queen of the gods [HERA]
  2. Reality show, American ___ [IDOL]
  3. Apollo org. [NASA]
  4. “Don’t go there” [TMI]
  5. Dryer, as skin [ASHIER]
  6. Field of study and thing one may find in field [STEM]
  7. Canoe propeller [OAR]
  8. Chip conglomerate [FRITOLAY]
  9. Where the streets have no name [IRELAND]
  10. To whom the applesauce belongs [MOTT]
  11. “Gotcha” [ISEE]
  12. Techie or bookworm, maybe [NERD]
  13. Skylit lobbies [ATRIA]
  14. 2014 outbreak that sparked CDC concern [EBOLA]
  15. I saw, to Caesar [VIDI]
  16. Jenny from the Block, abbr. [JLO]
  17. When you copy your Professor’s helper on an email, abbr. [CCTA]
  18. Garden in Rio De Janeiro [HORTO]
  19. Apple product for crabs? [ICLAW]
  20. Cat Stevens’ adopted name [YUSUF]
  21. Sum of [TOTAL]
  22. October birthstones [OPALS]
  23. Jason Kidd and Vince Carter, in 2004-05 [NETS]
  24. Edge [CUSP]
  25. LGBT comedienne, Carmen [ESPOSITO]
  26. Taser [STUN]
  27. Not buyers but ___ [RENTERS]
  28. Restaurant Guy? [FIERI]
  29. Spanish gold [ORO]
  30. Restraint for 40-across [REIN]
  31. Online comment sections [FORUMS]
  32. “Eww!” [GROSS]
  33. Stefani of No Doubt [GWEN]
  34. Wander, as on Mars [ROVE]
  35. Iowan city [AMES]
  36. Posth. profile [OBIT]
  37. Attribute of Right Said Fred [SEXY]
  38. Catholic confession [ISIN]
  39. Regarding [ASTO]
  40. Bullet bros org. [NRA]
  41. Bully, misogynistically [NEG]