Crossword Answers 02/14/2018

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Crossword Answers 02/14/2018

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  1. Buddy [PAL]
  2. Worm food [DIRT]
  3. Dodge [EVADE]
  4. Fermented firewater [ALE]
  5. Length x Width [AREA]
  6. Mimics [MIMES]
  7. The first thing a zombie does [COMES BACK TO LIFE]
  8. Every rose has these [THORNS]
  9. Restaurant [EATERY]
  10. Yemeni capital [SANAA]
  11. 1987 Heart hit [ALONE]
  12. Brothy rice [PILAF]
  13. The Flame, for one [DINER]
  14. Fordham students come from every ____ [WALK OF LIFE]
  15. “Whip It” whippers [DEVO]
  16. Popular heist movie franchise [OCEANS]
  17. Alexander Hamilton to Aaron Burr [DUELER]
  18. Freud fixation [ORAL]
  19. Initially [ORIGINALLY]
  20. Man healed in this past Sunday’s Gospel reading [LEPER]
  21. Gandhi to Hitler: “I anticipate your forgiveness if I have ___ in writing to you” [ERRED]
  22. Scout’s brother, to her [OLDER]
  23. Last month to Spanish-speakers [ENERO]
  24. Signed, ____, delivered [SEALED]
  25. Fries in fat [SAUTES]
  26. Nickname for General Patton or his zombie, perhaps [OLD BLOOD AND GUTS]
  27. Big spoon [LADLE]
  28. Tilikum [ORCA]
  29. Influential 80s crossover band [DRI]
  30. Andy of Parks and Rec [DWYER]
  31. You ___ what you sow [REAP]
  32. If you take one, you lose yours [EYE]


  1. NAFTA and the TPP, e.g. [PACTS]
  2. What The Beatles’ “Hello Goodbye” could be in Hawaiian [ALOHA]
  3. Don of CNN [LEMON]
  4. Swiftly puts one’s head in one’s elbow [DABS]
  5. Radio’s Glass [IRA]
  6. Red Nikon button [REC]
  7. Boeing departure [TAKEOFF]
  8. Expressed dramatically [EMOTED]
  9. An anagram and a synonym of a homonym of 30-down [VILE]
  10. Kite Runner protagonist [AMIR]
  11. Orwellian act directed toward a government [DEFY]
  12. Opposite of WNW, that in Acapulco [ESE]
  13. Product of UV rays [TAN]
  14. These Supreme Court Justices ruled in favor of Brown in Brown v. Board [ALL]
  15. My __, Vietnam [LAI]
  16. Contingency clause [IFSO]
  17. Lightbulb, metaphorically [IDEA]
  18. 1994 Jodie Foster drama [NELL]
  19. Daredevil Knievel [EVEL]
  20. Golfer McIlroy [RORY]
  21. Sheep export [WOOL]
  22. Winnie the Pooh’s Hundred __ Woods [ACRE]
  23. Jump, as a frog [LEAP]
  24. Famous Instagram salad? [KALE]
  25. Warhol’s Sedgwick [EDIE]
  26. Defining characteristic of zombies [UNDEAD]
  27. Portal to evil in Insidious [RED DOOR]
  28. Anger [IRE]
  29. Zombie utterance [GRR]
  30. A confident gambler is a high this [ROLLER]
  31. Gilbert Grape actor, slangily [LEO]
  32. Slang for a type of chicken tender [NUG]
  33. Entirely solo piece [ETUDE]
  34. Disappointing arcade game instruction [RETRY]
  35. Oswald or Oscar, slangily [OSSIE]
  36. Cole at a picnic [SLAW]
  37. Member of Cartoon Network trio [EDDY]
  38. Suffix with “un” or “dur” [ABLE]
  39. Member of cereal trio [SNAP]
  40. __ Navy (non-martial) [OLD]
  41. Unforgettable Doctor [DRE]
  42. Obamacare, abbr. [ACA]