Peter Hook and the Light Take Over Webster Hall


Peter Hook & The Light stopped by Webster Hall on Sept. 22 and 23. (NICOLE SHAPIRO/THE OBSERVER)

By NICOLE SHAPIRO, Contributing Writer

Initial ambitions were surpassed as Curtis, Hook and their band mates started a movement that went beyond the typical punk scene and developed to form a new genre. The UK punk scene of the 1970s had not even settled when Joy Division struck a new chord, creating the genre now known as post-punk. Differing slightly from the typical anti-government lyrics  accompanied by heavy electric guitar chords of most punk music, Joy Division  brings you a mix of sorrowful lyrics and the early stages of higher technological production.

Ian Curtis’ deep and eerie vocals from Joy Division live on through Peter Hook & the Light. Peter Hook formed Peter Hook & The Light as a tribute band to his previous successes, Joy Division and New Order. The English alternative rock band just began their four-month, international tour in early September. They started in their home country of England, and will start their American leg of the tour at Webster Hall in New York City, on Sept. 22 and 23. Tickets are 30 dollars, which is a steal considering that Joy Division and New Order were two of the most influential alt-rock bands in the world. Peter Hook & The Light will then continue circling the western hemisphere performing in countries like Canada, Mexico and Argentina before ending their tour in Uruguay. This concert will rock the best of both worlds, as post-punk and techno meet again to bring audience members a unique experience.

Although the original band was short-lived, Hook revives the groundbreaking sound of Joy Division by delivering his own band’s live renditions of the classics from the 1970s, as well as songs from his later project, New Order, of the 80s. New Order fulfills everyone’s guilty pleasure of early techno music, with its heavy synth sound and bouncy techno beats. Both bands were so innovative and ahead of their time, we should be grateful to have the chance to see them today, and in the best music setting possible: the live stage, with Peter Hook & The Light.

Peter Hook is a music legend, having been a co-founder of both Joy Division and New Order. He has been at front of the punk scene of the 70s, and also greatly influenced the alternative dance scene in the 80s and 90s. Hook was also the owner of one of London’s most popular techno nightclubs, The Haçienda, before it closed in 1997. Imagine seeing that span of music history live as Peter Hook & The Light brings you the best performances.

Classic songs such as Love Will Tear Us Apart and Blue Monday will tear your heartstrings in different directions. From the sad and contemplative lyrics of Joy Division to the upbeat dance tracks of New Order, you will definitely experience a range of musical vibrations. Julie Norris, Fordham College Lincoln Center (FCLC) ’19, bought her ticket months ago to see Peter Hook & The Light, as New Order quickly became her favorite band after they released their latest album last year. She will see Peter Hook & The Light perform Joy Division & New Order’s greatest hits, taking advantage of the amazing opportunity to go back in time and see some of the best alternative music in history performed live.