Fordham Daily: Voter Turnout Takes Big Hit in Rose Hill USG Election


Students at Rose Hill avoided the United Student Government (USG) poll this year.

Only 579 students voted in last week’s election — down from 958 last year and 701 the year before, according to voting statistics from the Office of Student Leadership and Club Development (OSL&CD).

Two of the nine executive board positions were contested, and five senate seats remain completely unfilled.
Daniel Stroie, a sophomore, defeated sitting student government rep Thomas Roemer by nine votes to become USG’s next Vice President of Finance, sources said last week.

TJ Strazzeri, a freshman, defeated Eugene Kim and was elected Vice President of Communications.

Juniors Ashley Domagola and Nicholas Sawicki ran unopposed and will become USG’s next executive president and executive vice president, respectively.

They earned 477 of the total 579 votes cast.